Shop to Give

    • ​If you use to order your pet food and supplies, you can also support Wellington Humane Society! Go to Order your Pet Food at to complete your order and the humane society will receive a donation at no cost to you! 
  • Dillon's Community Rewards
    • Dillon's makes donating to the shelter animals easy.  All you have to do is shop at Dillons and use your Plus Card! Dillons will donate a percentage of your purchases to the Wellington Humane Society and it doesn’t cost you a thing!  To sign up, go to the Dillon's Community Rewards website by clicking  HERE   to link your Dillon's Plus Card to the Wellington Humane Society.  Every time you shop at Dillon's, you can help save animal lives!
  • AmazonSmiles
    • Do you like shopping on Amazon?  Then you will LOVE AmazonSmiles! When shopping from Amazon, go to  and choose Wellington Humane Society Inc. as the organization to benefit from your purchases.  It’s the same website with the same products and ever purchase will automatically benefit the Welling ton Humane Society Serving Sumner County.
  • Wish List - Click here to view the current needs of the humane society.
  • Kuranda Shelter Beds
    • We are trying to provide our cats and dogs with Kuranda Shelter Beds.  These highly durable beds are made specifically for animal welfare and hold up to heavy chewing and digging.  They provide a clean, safe, comfortable resting place for our dogs.  To donate a Kuranda bed, please click  HERE Your donated bed will be shipped directly to us.

​Other Ways to Give

  • Memorials
    • Wellington Humane Society is honored and grateful to receive gifts in memory of loved ones, friends, and beloved pets.  All gifts are acknowledged to the families of those memorialized.  There are a variety of options available for large memorials to be commemorated.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss the various ways to commemorate your loved ones. 
  • Membership with Monthly Giving
    • Do you know how big of a difference a monthly gift can make?  Want to know some of the things your monthly gift helps to fund?  Let us tell you!  Monthly gifts help to make our mission possible.  Funding veterinary care for the animals in need, ordering medical supplies for procedures, offsetting the utility bills, providing sanitation supplies to keep our kennels and facilities clean and healthy, providing materials and training resources to our staff and volunteers plus so much more! 
  • Sponsor a Pet
    • There are many expenses that go into placing an animal up for adoption.  Each pet is vet checked, spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, treated for any ailments, and sometimes far more. Some pets need extra time and care prior to their adoption so that they can be healthy and happy.  For instance, kittens and puppies under 8 weeks must be fostered, some circumstances even require bottle feeding and around the clock care.  Some health issues discovered in vet checks and testing require prolonged time and medication.  By sponsoring a pet, you can help cover some of these costs that lead to happy, healthy family members joining our community! You can also sponsor the adoption fee for a pet so that the adoptor does not have the extra fee to insure the pet gets a home!
  • Wills & Estates
    • When the Wellington Humane Society is named as a part of a will or estate, the contribution is deeply appreciated. We know this can be a delicate and overwhelming time for families and loved ones.  Wills and Estates are a beautiful way to create a living legacy.  These donations allow us to continue our life saving work that impacts the lives of animals and our community.  For those who share a passion for our mission, this is one way to share one last gift that impacts lives forever.