Four Great Reasons To Walk With Your Dog

We know that exercise is good for us but did you know that walking with your dog provides many benefits, not only for you but for the dog as well? While there are plenty of reasons to take your favorite pooch out for a stroll, we’d like to tell you about four reasons why you should get off your couch and out the door. 


Walking is great for your health and theirs. 

Walking helps us be heart healthy as well as help maintain our muscles and joints. Going out regularly for walks has been shown to lower blood pressure. Our mental health can greatly benefit due to the lower stress when walking consistently. Let’s not forget about how walking can help us with weight loss! When taking our four-legged friends with us, it helps improve their health as well. Dogs who go on regular walks have been known to have better muscular and joint health. Having a set routine also helps regulate the dog’s digestive tract as well as help prevent constipation or bladder infections. Just walking 30 minutes a few times a week can help you lower your weight by about 5% and your dog’s weight by about 15%! 


Walking keeps dogs from getting bored

How many of you let your dog have the run of the house while you’re away and when you come home something is destroyed or the trash is scattered throughout? That is a typical sign that your dog is bored and needing some stimulation. Regular walking can help that! There are so many different sights and smells outside that can keep your dog’s mind working. By walking your dog regularly, they burn off excess energy which can keep them from not only destroying the house but gives them a good night's sleep as well. Switching up your route provides new smells and sights for you and your pup to enjoy. 


Walking strengthens the bond between you and your dog

Taking your dog out for daily walks gives you one on one time where you can work on training or just enjoy the day. By setting aside time each day for a walk, you are devoting time to spend with your dog. Making this a routine time in your day allows your dog to get comfortable with you. Here at the Shelter we take the dogs in our care out at least twice a day for a walk. This helps us get to know each dog as well as allow the dogs to get to know us. This helps us build a trusting relationship with each dog so they feel safe and calm during their time here. If you’ve just added a new dog to your family, taking them out for daily walks really helps build a trusting relationship!


Walking helps improve your dog’s socialization skills

Dogs are social creatures and pack animals. They need both human and animal interactions to be happy. By taking your dog out for walks you can encounter both people and other dogs, which gives your dog a chance to fill that social need. Training your dog to behave properly (ie: no jumping on people, sitting, stay, etc) really helps make socializing the best experience for everyone involved. 


Taking your dog out for daily walks can provide numerous benefits for both of you. There are plenty of places to walk throughout Sumner County so don’t be afraid to go explore! When going out please keep in mind the following: 

  • Keep your pet on a leash. This is for your pets safety and for the safety of others. 

  • Have proper identification on your pet in case they get lost. 

  • Avoid walking in extreme weather conditions. Remember hot sidewalks can burn your dog’s paws. 

  • Make sure to clean up after your pet and properly dispose of our dog’s waste. 

  • When going on long walks remember to bring water for you and your dog. Staying hydrated is very important


Did you know that the Wellington Humane Society has a walking group? We are signed up with WoofTrax, the walk for a dog app, where we get money every time you walk with your dog. It’s easy to sign up and free! Just download the WoofTrax app, select us for the shelter you are walking for and start walking! For more information on the WoofTrax app visit their website at