Spaying or neutering is a surgical procedure for pets to prevent unwanted litters, help pets live healthier lives, and to help control the animal population.

Sumner County Spay and Neuter Vouchers

The Wellington Humane Society offers a $30 voucher to be applied to a pet spay or neuter.  The voucher is available to Sumner County residents who meet low income guidelines, and can be used at any Sumner County Veterinarian clinic. If you are interested in applying for a voucher, please email us for an application.


Microchipping can help reunite families with their pets in the event the pet gets lost. This is a simple, non-surgical procedure with no more pain than a vaccination shot. We often have Microchip clinics at various times throughout the year and county. Check our Facebook page or email us to find out about any upcoming dates!

Wellington Humane Society will microchip your pet for a fee of $25.00.  This fee includes implanting the chip, and a lifetime registration.